The art of elegance.
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Elegance that transcends time.

Elegance that transcends time

Historical Elegance: Inspired by Becker Home, specializes in interior design and custom, award-winning soft furnishings for the historic home. From Colonial to Craftsman, Victorian to the vernacular, we work with discerning clients to help them make historically accurate design choices, while offering insight into the décor of the period.

Our love of history and architecture, combined with passion for vintage textiles and furnishings, enables us to create the perfect backdrop for the historic home. Whether you are designing a new “old” home, or renovating an existing antique property, we can help you refine your own piece of history.

If you have a historic property or historically inspired home, please contact us to schedule a design consultation.


My love has always been for the historic home. My own home was built in 1855. It’s old, quirky, and timeless. Walking into my home, I often picture the people who came before me… the conversations they had, their dreams, and the plans they made. For me, my home is a living, breathing entity. There is something about carrying on a part of history, be it through art or music, architecture or design that instantly gives us glimpses into the stories of past lives. Every home has a past, present, and a future. Let me help you tell your home’s story

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